Productive Failure

So, there’s certainly a lot to this project we’ve been working on, and that means there’s a lot of room for failure. For example, there’s room for miscalculations and procrastination, missed research oppurtunities and not getting along with group members, but part of human nature is knowing how to adapt. For example, a productive failing would be learning from mistakes. If you make a mistake in your research, make note and practice on limiting that mistake. Know where it comes from. Is it from a simple misreading? Is it from over-analyzing? Whatever the cause, identify it and learn from it. To fix a problem at its source allows you to not worry about the same problem down the line. One failure I always struggle with is procrastination. I always seem to find myself with things at the last minute, and it’s a failure that has plagued me from years. But because of this, I can still manage to be productive. In a weird way, I can manage to work well under pressure. While it is more productive to not be under pressure in the first place, I no longer stress out with it. As far as the project goes and productive failure, I struggled to get in research early, either due to sickness or other problems, but it gave me more of a drive to knock out more research later on in the cycle. Knowing that I had to catch back up to make life easier for my group members allowed me to basically clock in some overtime to get things sorted out on my end. In my eyes, that’s productive failure.


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