A Somewhat Weak Defense of a Contract

We are here at the end of a strenuous semester, our projects are mostly finished, exams start this week, and every single one of us is ready to get out of Dodge and enjoy our summers. As such, it is also time for evaluations, reflections, and thoughts on what we could have done better throughout…Read more A Somewhat Weak Defense of a Contract

Digital Citizenship

As we mentioned in class, digital citizenship is a very interesting topic. As social media continues to expand in our generation, more and more people are utilizing the internet. You can build your own marketing campaign online, find ways to get around your city with rideshares, and keep connections with old friends, classmates, and colleagues.…Read more Digital Citizenship

Productive Failure

So, there's certainly a lot to this project we've been working on, and that means there's a lot of room for failure. For example, there's room for miscalculations and procrastination, missed research oppurtunities and not getting along with group members, but part of human nature is knowing how to adapt. For example, a productive failing…Read more Productive Failure